LEAVING the Engineering world, setelah brainwash dari early teenagers, dunia 0101010, yg menguras banyak otak sebelah kiri, there’s always a turning point ya kayanya dalam hidup seseorang, entah karena suasana kehidupan, hobby terpendam, pertemanan (semoga yg bukan menyesatkan ya hehehe)…

i think my turning point is when i was about 24 y.o, it was the 3rd year of my marriage, the world seem to turn to more different colors, meeting up new friends, local and international, thank to 1 of my business colleague, as the time we meet, we get updated about face and body treatment (since my friend is Singaporean), bags, shoes, fashion, etc…

it was also an arising memories of my childhood, which mesmerized by the beauty smell of Bakings, Cookings, Sewings (ooh, what a mom i have, thank u o Allah)… from education world…

mungkin bentuk teriakan otak kanan yg sudah saatnya diassess… yaa… life should be indeed a lot more colorful than just 1 ;))

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