A Magical Story – Bless full Remark – Personal-Play-Kids-Store

Mom & Kids Store Built back in 2007, along with TupperGroover and BrandedGroover, one of my klik-klok experiments, yet shading tears whenever i remember the whole 🙂

it was a hard time (was it? :D)… the second time of my pregnancy, after 1 Miscarriage yang berjarak lebih dari 4 tahun dari anak pertama, the Misscarriage got me learn a lot, i did drive (from my first house in BSD to South Jakarta), the doctor analyze, it might come from the Manual Engine and long haul of driving… oh yeah???

so my lovely Peugeot is a blame? hahaha…. it did had a very hard hard transmission, injekan kopling yang keras banget euy, well… I’m not gonna blame anything, anyone, any-ever ever and ever… everything always happens for a reason, right? human can only judge, the way we should just learn, take wisdom, give another try, pray 🙂

just few months curated Allah gives me a chance to deliver a boy, which after 4.5 Years, i have to do back the Exclusive BreastFeed and all that, and Allah the almighty, is indeed Generous at all, just in 1.5years, blessfully given consequent baby delivery,

The only thing I Had in Mind is how to produce VERY very very very large quantity of Breastmilk at a time, where I dont want to lose such golden moments…

this one thing in mind, 1 pertanyaan ini… (I thought all these are impossibility), they had us (by hard times & just great bismillah!), we’re moving out to a house nearby our office with a simple mind of HOW To Breastfeed easily, and secondly of course noted in my 10 years planning agenda, a yearly budget organizing, like 1 small living company within hihihi… which got me 2km away from office.

Then the next surprise from the same question is a search of penambah ASI yang hebat, sehat alias organik, yang bisa menunjang 2 anak sekaligus (that then it was 3 kids not 2!)… i swear I got my room to be full of that thing! (hahah…sumpah serapah), dengan niat tulus, hati kuat, mau beli jumlah banyak utk stock 2 tahun ke depan, i count that for 50 packs!, juga dng Bismillaaaaah! *chaiyooo*** directly tell her, my story of very urgent Breastfeeding of 2 babies at close distance-age and (I didnt expect yet to be blessed with the third one, subhanallaah)…

then i email someone i knew from my search over web, i still kept her amazing (by Allah’s will) email: says… Ellie,… there have been hundred of people asking me to be my distributor and I reject them like 99-100%,  then you came to buy my products, i dont know why ellie, i dont know why, I come to offer you to be one of it… *lighthing strike ! #thunderstorm,  at the very soon, she even directly put my name on her web and bang, o Allah, another tears shades…

…. never tell anyone before about this, but now I write this still with a very deep amazement, I know I will be strong in Allah’s will…

the next surprise (is this what so called, kids rizq?)… how by how, one by one, after another, keep coming, getting introduced to excellent products (yg masih dng niat yg sama… belanja buat anak),… some of them suddenly said… hey, I’m a direct importer for kids clothing, and have some warehouses, instead of buying, can i work with you that you could resell? I really in need of a partner, can we work together? subhanallah…. who knew…. *another tears shades…

Most of beautiful life gifts and strikes might not share happiness for everyone, bad times, good times comes after another…

Story after Story, that breeds, as a place where my kids later can play on after their mom 🙂

at some times, the only strength you have is prayers….

*sure if you like music, i think it can help too #yeiyyyy 🙂

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