my one among other personal (nighty night) Experiments to the appliances of Digital Marketing, the viral evolution of your brand, and since it is a very small brand i developed on my own, so i just again learn learn and learn.

feeling of developing without budget of ads, campaigns, etc, etc.

BeautyHijab comes in Facebook Pages at the first time it launches, thanks to Moshaict as a very great colaborating brands, I also work with my friends from Malana, Kivitz, Ria Miranda CLothing & Books, Mikayla (my own Brand), and many many more…

well.. this goes to personal, yes, it’s my personal case anyway, no one can protest … :p

BeautyHijab is an online store, which commerce is being developed also personally myself (mengais2 ilmu IT back to several years in life.. hiyaaa…. udah beda juga bahasa2 programmingnya sekarang ya)…

very very very done in my very very very little left time, as my 95% x 24 Hours mostly dedicated for my beloved kids kids kids #yeiy

so enjoy all BeautyHijab Products & Lines….


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