The Digital Things

Anyone ever heard,

Digital Marketing?

What Pops out your head first hearing it? Weird, Usual, Catastrophic, curious?, I’ve been doing that? Nothing New?….

Many has done approach to it, termasuk instansi pendidikan, Pelatihan, everyone still loves to carry on this tag.. yes it is still selling (hmm it’s 2013 now).. quite late to write this down but how soever late is better than never? *Classic *:D

Easily, its Marketing (yes it’s the same marketing) done in a digital way thru Digital Medias reaching the targeted market.

would still it be the same marketing? Marketing basically dont change, but yes it surely is leveraging, enhancing, grabbing attention more intangible (yet measurable) feedback and result, your Target Market.

Some people put definition in InBound and OutBound Marketing, some call it Conventional & Digital, well… none of them wrong, at all.

I just dont want to miss writing the amazement of the digital world evolvement, while I’m in it now, personally and also at my Office environment.

– for beginners, 1 easy snap case is,

one way you sell a soap the old way, to grab attention and conversion/sales, you put an ad on Newspaper, and some leaflets distributed at one crowd place.

– the question: if tomorrow you have sales, can you track them back easily whether it is from papers or the leaflets, can you measure the exact number of people have the papers, opening the papers, read the papers then really really reading your ad, how long they read your ad, then can you compare which conversion feedback is more successful whether from papers or leaflets, can you “trace” their location, age, interest, on and on and on….

it would be hard, yes it is without the complementary Existance of Digital world.

Complementary? yes, till now, conventional medias, Outbound marketing is still (at some cases) surely stands to be integrated along with the utilisation of Digital Medias, esp. for the very wide variation of market knowledge, expenses capabilities, media distribution & reach such in Indonesia, (also see the internal case (S vs W) of your products)…

for personal business (small ones)? just do what you can do for sure, digital medias these years back really in a big help for small industry

so let’s follow the story 🙂

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