Tauge Goreng (Fried Beansprout) – which is not fried at all :)

Toge goreng (bahasa) translated as ‘Fried Beansprout’ in English while there’s no single drop of oil you can have on it. Totally blanched beansprouts, steamed tofu in spicy paste of fermented soybean waste called Oncom (one of sundanese traditional healthy food variety pure ingredients form of soy), some add on flavour comes from soybean sauce and fresh squeeze of lime, crunchy fresh spicy sweet sour ! – weekend street hawker –

This food is a local cuisine of West Java (many you can find in Bandung and Bogor), yet been also a local cuisine of Jakarta, the country capital and located very nearby from Bogor/West Java, and since many workers in this capital city are coming as majority from its satellite cities, many of foods variety brought about around the city to be of of favourite choices of its residence, including me 🙂

Venue: Soto Bogor Teh Usy, Lebak Bulus Jakarta Selatan



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