5 Core Basic Business Online / 5 Dasar Melakukan Bisnis Online

a small meaningless writing to share from ellie to any readers, hopefully it is useful.It might be as thin as sweat stuff, yet, i believe it means something for those who’s eager to start the business online but just dont know how. It comes just from personal experience in Product & Digital Marketing Strategist of corporate & personal businesses. Apologize I’m sharing it in (simple) English 🙂 🙂 (daripada pakai bahasa dan berantakan tata letaknya hehe)

 Start from the easiest, and hope it goes all the way easily during the business getting even bigger..

Why do i directly put Business Online? is it better only going online business, or my offline -brick-&-mortar-business better migrating online, or should i just go online without starting or simultaneously opening offline, or… or… or… Better just start, then any business should be flexible during its growth. As owner we knew time to decide which model is better way, could be either one or both by consideration.

This writing is a starter basic for starter to spread a global horizon of online business.

however, i suggest to consider these 5 items before going online and getting it even bigger and bigger, that is we need to sure of:

1. Product Line Up and its Differentiation

Make Sure you know what you’re going to sell, or, you can just easily pop out with no clear product definition, that the product definition would be : All Product. Many times newbies got slipped upon the product and it’s differentiation. Products are Products/Service we are selling, while Differentiation, easily is the way we want to be “seen” different then interesting in the eye of the consumers, wishing them to stick buying and use our products. Can we say “selling-all-product” is not a differentiation? sure we can’t, as long as we can cover it up with a consistency of a wide various line of product. Differentiation does not only lay on the Product Items/Types, it talks even more, 2 sellers can sell exactly same twin products, yet one of them can provide different something for its customer, then the way it is going with differentiation. That’s why we can see, many stores selling same items some are winning some are closing. However there’s always a better way with KNOWING our own internal core competencies, strength, also passion to create a differentiation on product/service line up.

2. Brand & its Community

Is Brand important for a mini/small/personal brand?

I turn ask: whether you want to have your business forever mini, forever small or forever personal? And how would you be informing the market? or How would you want others to find you amongst thousands or even millions of online sellers? who might come across with similar products?

So, it’s definite that you have to prepare and indeed grow it bigger, with a recognized name.

When talking about online, some things are growing in the mean time we are growing the business (*with some notes), it is your community of your brand, and so to also consider that:

Migration of a brand is easy (i mean changing from a brand into another new one), but migrating your community? it wont be that super easy, it’s already an area of preference, of moment, and of effort, so bet that you need an “extra-effort” for them to switch. If it is a short period of swith-target-of-time, that the cost is getting bigger. the other way, if a longer time it is, then we have to drive such sense of stickiness, sense of urgencies and self-interest & needs of our existing communities to move into the new one.

from my experience, i many times decide to create brand new communities (without leaving communicating the the older one), even though the product/service is still about the same (just a brand switch). So the process is to be considered not a waste

3. Brand URL (Uniformed Resource Locator) & its Inherency

either it is a website, a fanpage, a twitter, an instagram, a pinterest, a path or other new cool stuffs you want to reach your consumers up-from, then after you define the product, the brand, then make sure (try the best) to get the addresses aligned (best way), so a better and easier for us to communicate to those of our target market, web visitor.

It is also aligned and deeply related to point no.2.

It is tricky for net-newbie that you many times believe that the brand is one Amazing and it is your product ideal naming forever, then in seconds you feel like dying seeing the names are taken.

4. Communication & its service role

Share more time with your prospect target market/viewer/visitor of your online media. If you think of its giving a hassle, think over the time you have to share when having an offline store instead, again. The Expectation of online consumers are a common logic that you need to be there for 24 hours, at least you share a 24 hours open service time, with limited time to respond back

5. Build and Keep the Trust

You’ll surely get confidence from the very first entry of your customer from online media. Some feelings coming up, is that you feel like doing things effortless. It is very logical, comparing with the effort from offline business. Mainly if you’re currently doing it paralel with other business or office career. Then this seems to be many time neglected, since we are not facing directly our customer faces, that is our commitment to build and keep the trust. It is like a golden ticket when you can build a certain quantity of customer basis, online. It means you are trusted. Talking about getting trusted in Online Business, you are now having the chance to be virally recommended, virally discussed, and  you can see an organic growth of your community basis. Remember, that the bigger quantity of customer and community basis, It can be a backfire when the trust is not kept in consistency, It can draw you bad and notorious, as big and fast (or even faster, since unsatisfied customer can be really really angry), as you were drawn trusted and famous. So be wise, make commitment and keep it consistent.

well, so good luck and wish me luck to and barokah for always, go reaching your dreams and make it fulfilled.


#mudah2an ada malaikat lewat aminin, amiiiin 🙂

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