Rainbow Cake + Cream Cheese Frosting

Rainbow Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

with Recipe, Tips & Tricks

*Late Post, as always ;;)

Last choice of cake baking i would do is Rainbow Cake 😀 why?…. its simply because it’d be my last option to eat out (for its colors) 🙂

*always, always, always, when you start loving baking, you cant just easily trust those cakes out there…. exept premium ones…. kind of hard to believe, but better experience baking at first yourself… and one more, bakers love to bake, they just many time dont love that much to eat :d

well, however, the Rainbow Cake is trending and Rainbow cakes with its color and smell, and its colorful decoration is surely fascinating for kids, just promise that the colors wont so pop out, and also, the colors as much possible from healthy ingredients or fruit color/extracts.

funny story behind making this rainbow cake? ya ya, ada cerita lucu setiap buat rainbow cake. it is of course contributed to cheerful 4 toddlers at home 🙂 every time, just every time i prepare making rainbow cake, there’s always missing piece of colors. Jadi setiap selesai baking kue2 dengan warna2 yg pop out itu, dalam sekejap, i just lost one, two, to three piece of them hahaha… so it’s too tiring for them to wait till it’s done, and they pick their own favourite colors, so… i might better make ombre color rathen than rainbow!

hihihi, well, it is also tiring for mom (for me) for sure … baking other missing color replacement hihihi… at many times, i just lost the mood somewhere, so make sure they’re asleep at night sleep (longer time), when baking this rainbow cake…

ada2 aja ya, guarantee, it will be always the best morning ever no matter how long you lost your sleep at night by doing this amazing baking things for kids, as always… always, best morning with their smiles ;;)

here’s 1 slice left from last time rainbow cake i made for my kids at home.

rainbow cake

pic is taken with iPhone, and another squeezing its capacity sending it over email, will try on finding better resolution files at my iPhoto 🙂

so, cute colors arent they?

Oh iya, sehubungan ini betul2 home made cakes, made for my lovely kids, the cream is purely Cream Cheese Frosting, tidak ditambah atau dimix / dicampur dengan butter cream. so this is 100% Cream Cheese Frosting all over. And luckily my kids aren’t liking so much with creams so, it goes perfect that i choose Cream Cheese Frosting anytime i decor cakes for them 🙂

Tips & Tricks in making Rainbow Cake

by ellienurhayati (ga boleh protes kalau ada tips yg ga bener ya, namanya juga masih belajar) 🙂

  • Be Patient (ini standard ya hehe)
  • dont over color, try lil bit and add some more to meet the look u want
  • Be gentle handing the cake layers (as always to any layer cakes we make)
  • Be gentle creaming the cake over, as you dont wish to see any mixed-color of cake crumples right? in case you forgot it’s rainbow :d
  • spend some time alone to take picture before they (all pieces) ‘re gone 😀
  • Better concentrate on color layering, saya yg sudah beberapa kali pun buat cake rainbow juga cookies rainbow, masih sering ngeja Mejikuhibiniu supaya ga kebolak balik, kalau cookies, bisa diperhatiin saya sering buat ketuker2 *udah ngantuk aaah hehehe…. tetep cakep klo cookies kan 🙂
  • Frosting, Decor material, bila untuk pribadi saya sarankan hanya menggunakan cream cheese frosting saja, namun for business profit and loss consideration, bisa dimix dengan butter cream, well… you can always have a product positioning on a premium level. (butter cream can be also amazingly delicious if you make it right, right?)

The Recipe:

210 gr gula halus

8 buah Kuning telur

7 buah Telur utuh

1 sdm Emulsifier

210 gr Terigu protein rendah

15 gr Susu bubuk

Dicairkan bersamaan:

70 gram Butter
140 gram margarin

Food Color/Pewarna makanan : Me merah, Ji (jingga), Ku (kuning), Hi (hijau), Bi (biru) dan U (ungu)

*setiap kali buat rainbow (baik itu cake or cookies), saya pun selalu setiap saat mengingat kebetan : MejikuHibi(tanpa NI) U – saking takut ketukernya pas layering atau warnain

Cara Membuat:
1. Kocok gula dan telur plus emulsifier hingga kental.
2. Masukkan terigu dan susu bubuk.
3. Masukkan margarine cair, aduk balik hingga rata.
4. Timbang adonan kurleb 190-200grm beri warna, tuang ke loyang 22x22x4 cm.
5. Panggang dg suhu 150-160 ° Celcius kurleb 15 menit hingga matang.

Pelengkap: Cream Cheese Frosting atau Butter Cream
I choose only Cream Cheese Frosting, namun untuk business consideration (loss and profit) bisa dicombine agar lebih ekonomis

Resep Cream Cheese Frosting: 
250 gram Cream cheese (kocok hingga lembut terangkat/fluffy)
100 gr Mentega / butter
100 gr Gula halus (ini bisa ditambah, karena sudah saya kurangi dari yang standard 120 gr)
1 sdm Air jeruk nipis

Cara membuat:

  • Kocok butter hingga pucat
  • Masukkan cream cheese yg sudah dikocok,
  • tambahkan gula halus, dan air jeruk nipis
  • kocok hingga mengembang

so, start making your own rainbow 🙂

*wink #ellienurhayati.com

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