Toko On – babyborn eCommerce + 6 Basic Needs on operating eCommerce

so, here it is,, a service of eCommerce, the first real eCommerce Service for the company, even for the group company

the business is underlining and set up in harmonization with our core business, the Internet & Web Services, which i can call it is the inherited expertise and competencies, also i believe the people within (eh also out, hehehe… karena banyak juga teman2 expert di Internet & Web service yang sudah mendahulukan wisuda) hehehe…

Tokoon is aiming for B2B Partnership as the ingredients for its B2C market, the eCommerce Managed Service and Revenue Sharing, which end retail business is quite more on under control of the company/ tokoon itself.

I’m quite glad that i have time to write and little brag (still thinking deep of what I am bragging down here, coz i bealive bigger company, or maybe not so big but focused company can do the same and even better), this is already concerning with the territory of Creative industry, which i must say, quite out of my company expertise, but I can little brag, i have it *wink (takut kuwalat euy) hehehe…

so this is a wrap up video tutorials of how to create store, and benefits of partnering with

Nyamannya menjadi Mitra Tokoon

How fun to be Tokoon Partner

Cara bergabung & Keuntungan menjadi Mitra Tokoon

Tutorial and Benefits of Joining with Tokoon

lucu kan? gampang ya? heheh iklan deeh

Testimonials Mitra Tokoon

cantik kan sellernya?

I Hope this video is inspiring for eCommerce business starter, or a business startup who wish to have instant online store, so why not join at

hmm, tahun ini merupakan tahun yang padat dengan tim terbatas (termasuk budget). Untuk menjalankan bisnis (dibaca: Operasional) eCommerce, banyak hal yang saya harus susun sebagai strategi operasional eCommerce ini. Personally, saya lebih memilih untuk mengembangkan 10 brand bukan commerce dibanding 1 eCommerce hehehe…segitunya ya? but with confidence i can say the strategy works out with the full support of the business entity, environment and community (start from internal organization involvement), hmmm… lagi2 disebut soal organizational involvement ya? penasaran?

i promise (again) to discuss the material separately.

sekarang ada beberapa Tips yang saya dapat share, some Amenities to operate an eCommerce untuk memulai atau mengoperate bisnis eCommerce

  1. (really working) eCommerce Engine
  2. (clearly defined) Business Strategy & its Milestone
  3. Highly Salable Product Lines
  4. Content Creative & Social Media Management Team
  5. Automated Business Process
  6. Credentials

penjelasan masing2 nyusul ya (karena waktu blognya kejar2an), di blog terpisah, tapi kurang lebih sudah terbayang ya point2nya, pembaca yang baik dengan metode CBSA, iyh masih inget ngga ya singkatannya? klo ga salah, cara belajar siswa aktif, aktif disini maksudnya pembaca diminta nebak2 dulu definisi masing2 point yang menurut saya, 6 point tsb basic sekali, terutama if your’re coming from a company doing eCommerce Business.

see you on another eCommerce reading here 🙂

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