Do what’s good

do good, look good, share good… #ellie n.

a drop of words from an ordinary human, who just love to do anything that i consider love doing it, and at this phase of life… trying new things, picking what I’ve been doing too much absorbing time, (energy is something i never mind to explore), heading and trying the best, looking good, doing good, sharing good…

Been so many years spending (if i may not say, wasting :d), working(ups.. stepping up career) in the same industry, been here and there, digging out what other things suitable with my characters.

But then I found out(at this age, entering third decade of life),… really awkwardly going beyond character rithym, but i consider this as Allah’s Gift. How awkward is that, i thought, someone dealing with cables, computers, never love dealing with cooking stuffs, baking stuffs, but coding is alright, hmm but then sewing is not appropriate, more over… beauty stuffs?? then I got them all in my daily activities…

it might be a good mixed of life journey, career lifetime, family setting,situational demands, craving, which are making into something new, a new me, upps, a learning me…:)

so here’s a snap of what i love doing daily… across my ticking fingers on keyboard, ipad, tablets, handling home cablings, you might find me doing kitchen things, fashion things, and beauty scraps… as long as i enjoy doing things, hopefully mixed hobbies is surely not mixed-presonality (oh no) :d…

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